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Kalos Irthate! Welcome to my Greek kitchen.

I am so delighted that at a click of a mouse we can together experience some good old Greek cookin! I'm inviting you to a voyage of delicious flavors, tastes and good life. A simple but yet meaningful way of eating and living. As my good friend says "your mouth will have a party". Fresh and flavorful dishes will gently impress your palate and bring the brine of the Aegean, the freshness of Olympus and the beauty of the Greek country and islands to your table.

Through this website I wish to reach cooks from around the world who are interested in learning a little bit more about the benefits and recipes of Mediterranean cooking. To learn about God's plan for our physical and spiritual nurturing. To hopefully experience the joy and blessing of table fellowship by cooking simple meals with God' given ingredients.
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With lot's of olive oil,

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Η ιεροτελεστία του φαγητού.
Μαθήματα μαγειρικής για τους σύγχρονους δειπνοσοφιστές που θέλουν να θρέψουν σώμα και ψυχή, με την γλυκύτατη Ελένη. Read more

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