"Cook with Eleni" culinary experience translates into a lovingly prepared meal that will hopefully be successful, tasty and meets the needs of those who enjoy it. You will ultimately find purpose, fulfillment and joy that comes from following your cooking passion. I organize and offer specialized culinary seminars, market-tasting tours, winery and traditional cheese factory visits throughout Greece. I organize culinary tours that expose my visitors to the everyday, rustic and simple way of preparing food for your family and friends. Our cooking sessions usually start with a visit at a local 'al-fresco' vegetable market, where we will load our bags and straight head to the kitchen. Our hands-on session is planned around a traditional Greek meal as we will enjoy the fruits of our cooking labor around the table in lovely and warm fellowship.

The philosophy of these culinary meetings is to allow my visitors and soon-to-be Greek food converts, to step into a healthy yet tasteful world of the Mediterranean eats. It is to allow participants from other lands to experience that simple, rustic cooking can not only enhance the physical health but also enhance the outlook at life and emotional health. Hopefully you will go back to your country,home and family with renewed a desire to use simple, healthy ingredients to please and nurture those you love. The week-long session includes three cooking sessions where each session lasts 5 hours. The rest of the week includes trips to close by wineries and olive orchards as well fish markets by the sea.

If you are interested in learning more about the Greek cuisine and culture, please feel free to contact Eleni, by
mail, phone or post.






  You turned a hopeless chef who could not even boil pasta into master iron chef (I feel). My family will always love you for teaching me and bringing them the magic of Greek food back home. You have been amazing in sharing with us the most fun we have had this whole trip in just a couple of hours. Opaaaaaa!

Daniel Taylor, Los Angeles

  Thank you Eleni, This day was the best of our trip. The food was superb - uniquely Greek but so creative!
But more, your pure spirit shines, We will long remember our day together.

Pat and Bob Young, Alabama, U.S.A

  Thank you for such a wonderful experience today. Your charisma and charm made the day extra special and enjoyable!
A very memorable experience and I look forward to taking the cooking knowledge home to share in Ireland!

Elaine, Ireland

  It was so wonderful to meet you in every way. You are a wonderful cook and a dear sister in the Lord. I enjoyed learning from your cooking experiences and from your experiences in the Lord.
Grace to you,

Paula Cazamias

  My wife Jill and I have traveled over most of Western Europe and dined on the best foods of Italy, Austria and Greece. For us, Eleni's cooking is the finest in European cuisine and her home the very center of zest, love, friendship and family. Your home and table will never be the same after experiencing Eleni's recipes, thoughts and suggestions on table fellowship.

John Parker, Nashville, TN, USA

  Eleni seeks to use all her talents to glorify God and His kingdom.  One of the talents she uses is her skill of cooking.  She teaches once every semester a Greek cross-cultural cooking class for our students.  She is a fantastic cook, but the thing that impresses the students and staff over and over is her philosophy of cooking.  She sees cooking as a talent God has given her and she wantws to use it  to glorify Him.  She talks to the students about how she uses cooking as a ministry and encourages to use their talents as a way to honor and serve others.  It is always a delightful and enjoyable time.

Jerry Myhan, MSN, APN, CS Director, Harding University in Greece

 There was hardly a time that I went over to her home that she wasn't cooking wonderful meals from scratch for her family. If she wasn't cooking a meal than she was trying a new recipe for cakes, pies, cookies, pastries, etc. It was our mission to go through her many cookbooks and find recipes that we could alter and make better or create our own. But it was Eleni who taught me the real meaning of cooking. For Eleni, cooking comes from the deepest part of her soul, and she cooks with love. Love for food, love for her family, love for her friends and love for the needy. It is the later that I have observed her at her best when feeding the many hungry foreigner's who've passed through the church doors hungry and alone. She didn't just feed them a cold sandwich and send them on their way, she made them a feast! A hot meal made with the same care and love as if feeding her own family. And a meal that showed them how much they are loved.


Eleni Melirrytos loves her family, she is a marvelous missionary in the cause of our Lord, and she loves making your day a bit brighter.  Is she were with you, the conveyance of her lovely friendship would quickly be felt.  Since she cannot reach in person everyone her generous heart yearns for she can graciously touch you by her writings.  In her own right she is the godly wife of a preacher, a devoted mother, and a most splendid cook.  As she shares her recipes with you she blesses your home.  They are creations of beauty and tastiness.

Jim Bill McInteer

Whether she is preparing a pork loin stuffed with herbs and  cheese for a church bunch or a garlic, rosemary crust lamb for an intimate birthday celebration, as mine, her culinary talents delight all who partake.  Her epicurean creations tantalize the palate, nourish the body and warm the heart.  I know you will be blessed, as I have been, when you prepare and enjoy Eleni’s array of dishes.

Theressa Mulieris Sykesville, MD

We have observed the love and effort Eleni puts into her meals is a reflection of Greek tradition, but more importantly a reflection of her Christian faith and love of people. The love that she puts into the preparation of her meals reflects the love she has for those gathered at her table. Her personal philosophy of servant hood is seen as serves her meals. The best aspect of a meal shared with Eleni and her husband Alexander is the fellowship enjoyed with them.

David Nowlin

We gladly endorse Eleni Melirrytos as an outstanding chef, a notable public speaker, and a wonderful Christian woman.  For her, cokingis far more than preparing a meal – it is  performance of ministry.
This year, Eleni was invited to be the featured speaker for the National Womens’ day Conference in Albania.  She spoke in two sessions to a capacity audience in the Vlore Hall of culture.  She is a dynamic and engaging speaker. The ladies in Albania were moved by her positive spirit and her sensitivity.

Virgil and Jackie Jackson Vlore, Albania

Two years ago I was blessed to accompany twelve other ladies to Athens to spend a week with  Eleni and the church in Athens.  This was my first meeting with her and we have been very close friends since that time.  Her service and example to the people of that church was unbelievable.  She spoke at the first ladies day for them called "Philadelphia" and we were all riveted to our seats as she spoke.  She does not only have knowledge of the Bible but also lives it everyday in her life of love and service to others.

We invited her to come to Jacksonville to speak to us in May, 2004 and she did so.  Again, she won the hearts of everyone who was in attendance, men and women.  She and her husband were guests in our home that night along with about 20 other people and no one wanted to leave because of her sharing her faith and experiences with us.

Sandy Sayre

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