Eleni MelirrytouEleni Melirrytos ia a native of Athens, Greece, but has lived intermittently in the United States while advancing her education. Eleni is a married mother of two children, Orestis and Danae, who works alongside her husband, Alexandros in Greece. Together they have sailed the world. They are now full time ministers in Athens, and use their experiences to encourage others.
One of her life-long loves is cooking. She learned much of her skill from her aunt in a small village in Greece and has translated that loved into a desire to teach women that healthy cooking can be a blessing to their families.

Gathering around the table can be more than just eating. It can be a celebration of the wonderful ways God has chosen to sustain and nourish us. In this unique collection, Eleni Melirrytos shares more than a impersonal list of ingredients and instructions. She takes us on a culinary tour of the Greek mainland and isles as only a native can. Eleni has taken traditional Greek recipes and re-created them for the modern cook. The resulting dishes ignite the appetite and encourage the desire to delve into more Greek cooking.

Eleni ShoppingLearn that meals are a time of truce from the often cruel world that surrounds us. Amazing things can happen over a table where the meal has been prepared in love!

One of the reasons the Meditteranean, and especially Greek, diet is so healthy is the wonderful climate God blessed us with. In Greece, we have a hospitable and mild climate so that most fruits and vegetables grow year round.

Olives, oranges, lemons, avocados, tomatoes, apples, bananas and the list goes on. Since Greece is surrounded by water, we also have all kinds of fish. Travelling from sea level, you can reach some of the highest mountains, covered with cypress trees, in about two hours. The variety of sccenery is unbelievable. The Aegean islands are so different from our mountains and forests in Northern Greece. So is the variety of our produce.

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